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Shreyas Hospital and Sushrut Assisted Conception Clinic

Fertility & Urology Clinic in Rajarampuri
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a month ago
This is second time my husband operated for prostrate surgery.....very best treatment... doctor jirge sir...himself is very clever and devoted in his working...staff is very kind....very clean any smell....bessing for the hospital...
- Varsha K
3 years ago
Medical science and dedication with human touch will make wonders happen .....shreyas hospital is a living example for this.After struggling for many years, we went to Padmarekha madam and Shishir Jirge sir and today we are proud parents of twin babies..a son and a daughter....shrayas hospital is like a temple to us as they bought purpose to our life.When kids were born the country was locked down and interstate travel was highly restricted, in those testing times Shishir sir helped me in my transit,quarantine and return to Belgaum. Sir and madam allowed us and our kids to stay in hospital till our travel back to Belgaum was arranged. The hospital staff are highly professional and caring. We are very thankful for Goddess Mahalakshmi for showing the way and sending us to Padmarekha madam and Shishir sir.... God bless Sir and Madam with good health for serving the soceity for such a noble cause of bringing happiness to hundreds and thousands of couples like us. Waiting to meet Sir a...
- nagabhushan G
6 months ago
Very Best Doctor and also staffs memebers.
- Pratiksha J

Inspiring hope, making dreams a reality.

Fertility clinic and Urology and Andrology services.
One in seven couples is dealing with the problem of subfertility and there is growing concern that the incidence is increasing due to a rise in stress related problems, male factor problems and also of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  In addition to fertility related problems, PCOS is associated with long term health issues such as diabetes and heart problems.  A very important aspect of subfertility is that it affects people in the prime of their lives and hence can have a negative impact on an individual’s physical and psychological health.  What is less well understood and acknowledged is the magnitude of the impact the situation has on the psychological and economic health of the affected individual, family and society. The primary aim of the Sushrut Assisted Conception Clinic has been to acknowledge the important issues involved with the problem of subfertility and provide well organised and efficient services to help the couples with subfertility.     

  The following is the list of services provided at the Clinic 

Dedicated team members attend to the needs of the couples in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  Every effort is made to identify the cause of the problem and a management plan is provided to the couples with detailed and appropriate explanation by Dr. Padma Rekha Jirge. Male factor problems are looked after by Dr. Shishir Jirge.   

    Basic Evaluation:
In women, a pelvic ultrasound is most often performed to assess the uterus and the ovaries, whist in men a semen analysis forms initial mode of assessment.  The necessary facilities for these basic investigations are provided within the premises of the clinic.  

Hormonal Evaluation:
In many of the women with subfertility, it becomes essential to identify any hormonal disturbance affecting the ovulation process.  Also, it is important to identify women who have a reduced stock of eggs and hence might be poor responders to treatment.  Hence, hormonal evaluation is an integral part of management of subfertility.  The Clinic acts as a collection centre for these tests, with rapid access to the results so that any treatment may be initiated without a delay. Occasionally, hormonal evaluation is needed in men as well.  

Radiological Investigations: 
 In a subset of women, more detailed evaluation of the uterus and tubes may become necessary before initiating treatment, in the form of an X-ray.  This facility is provided in a nearby Radiology Clinic and appointments are organised by us.   Also, some men may require an ultrasound scan and Doppler assessment which are available at the same Radiology Clinic.  

Initial Management: 
In majority of the couples, the initial management involves simple medications given to the women followed by ultrasound monitoring to assess the response and a detailed discussion at the end of each unsuccessful cycle regarding further direction of management. Some men may require investigations such as testicular biopsy or even a surgical procedure to treat varicocele.  

 In subfertility we deal with a situation where the success cannot be guaranteed and the duration of treatment required cannot be specified. Recognising the psychological stress inherently associated with the problem of subfertility and additional stress induced by various treatment modalities, counselling services are provide by a qualified and dedicated Counsellor.  

Weight Management: 
Obesity is an ever increasing problem in our population, particularly in women with PCOS.  Though, it is well known that weight loss improves the chances of conception, in a practical scenario it is very difficult to refuse active treatment to couples who already have had repeated failures prior to coming to us. We have developed a programme for weight loss incorporating dietary modifications tailored to an individual’s needs; exercise and outdoor activities.  This is initiated at a very early stage, so that the weight management and initial evaluation and treatment are done simultaneously.   

The science of reproductive medicine is advancing rapidly and we can do justice to our patients only by keeping ourselves updated of the developments on a regular basis.  We acknowledge this by having a Study Day on every Saturday.  This involves discussion of difficult situations and studying of peer reviewed journals.  These activities form the basis of our research work, which is at present aimed at understanding the ovarian function in Indian women.    

Further Management:   
  Approximately, 50% of the couples achieve pregnancy with simple treatment modalities.  However, in some women laparoscopy may become necessary.

Becomes essential to assess pelvis more fully or to treat conditions such as ovarian cysts, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, etc.  

In addition, they may require treatments such as:

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

When natural conception does not occur despite absence of any major problem in the couple.  This involves introducing healthy sperms from husband’s semen sample into the wife’s uterus. 

  In a selected group, 
Donor Insemination (DI) 

It may become necessary when husband’s evaluation shows that the sperm production is absent.  This is performed only with properly screened and stored anonymous donor samples and after both husband and wife provide written consent for the treatment.
  In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) 

Is performed when simpler modalities of treatment fail, where after a period of regular injections eggs from the woman’s ovaries are collected and mixed with her husband’s sperms in a highly specialised laboratory environment, to produce embryos which are replaced back in her uterus
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

Is similar to IVF and performed when only a small number of healthy sperms are available for the treatment.

  Excess embryos if available are cryopreserved (frozen) for future use.  

Services of Oocyte Donation, Embryo Donation and Semen Banking (for example, prior to treatment for any malignancy) are also available.     

Our strengths are the very dedicated and well trained team members and the couples who let us accompany them in their journey to fulfill their dream.  

In addition Urology services also form a major part of the services offered here.  We provide Urology services for treatment of kidney stones, prostate disorders, urinary disorders in men and women. All other urological problems such as cancers of the urinary tract are also treated here. Our clinic caters for a wide variety of General Surgical problems as well. 

Gynaecological problems and surgeries related to various issues in women are also performed here routinely.

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